Can You Identify The Weaknesses In Your Book Marketing Platform? Use This Checklist To Find Out

by Aug 9, 2017Marketing Best Practices, Publishing Industry

See a summary of some of’s latest research on the Digital Book World Expert Publishing Blog which was published on August 9, 2017.


Successful authors and publishers know that “hope” is not an effective marketing strategy.  Neither is “write it and they will come” or depending on someone else, like a distributor or retailer, to build awareness,  generate excitement, and, ultimately, to get people to buy your book. To successfully market books in today’s highly competitive market authors and publishers need four key elements. These are:

  • A really good book (I know that seems really obvious and “good” can be in the eye of the beholder, but lots of “less-than-good” books are being put in the market every day)
  • A really clear understanding of the best audience for the book including who they are, what they like to read, how they look for books, how they talk about them and how they prefer to buy them
  • A solid marketing strategy for creating awareness of the book with the target audience, generating demand for the book, converting that to sales of the book and encouraging readers to share their views about the book
  • A marketing platform for cost-effectively executing the marketing strategy

This article’s focus is to define a “health check” for some of the critical elements of a book marketing platform. Authors and publishers can use this list to evaluate their own platform and identify key opportunities for improvement. If you review expert sources, you will find different definitions that have been proposed for what makes up an effective book marketing platform.  If you dig deeper and look at what authors and publishers are actually doing, you will find even more “options”.

At, we haved identified five key components that should be part of an author’s or publisher’s book marketing platform.  These are:

  • Website(s)
  • Newsletter(s)
  • Social channels
  • Stores
  • On-ramps

Each of these components needs to be polished, technically sound, and designed to be seamlessly integrated with the other components into an efficient, cost-effective platform to market and sell books.

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