Time to Change Your Locks (Cloudbleed may have broken your online ones)

by Feb 24, 2017Technology Best Practices

You may heave heard the news about “Cloudbleed”, the latest Internet security issue.  Here is a quick update on the issue.  In short, a bug in the platform of web services and security company Cloudflare may have exposed user data for thousands of sites. Cloudflare is used by many  of the largest consumer web services like Uber and also by enterprise services like Zendesk.  The issue was corrected quickly after it was identified, but it looks like it was “in the wild” for several months before it was uncovered.

This issue has not directly impacted our core platform here at publishr.cloud, but we are recommending you Take the following actions:

  • Update your passwords across all of our sites and any online services you use.  We recommend this as a standard practice anyway, but this potential exposure highlights the importance of making this a regular habit.
  • As you do this, it is important to review your password strategy.  If you use the same password across multiple accounts, you should reconsider this.  You should also use passwords that are not simple to guess. We recommend using a password manager that has tools to generate and store different random passwords for all your accounts.
  • We recommend that if you have not activated two-factor authentication on your accounts that support it that you do this now.
  • If you use mobile apps. make sure to sign out and back in after you update the passwords.

Obviously,  it is hard when you get impacted by external events like this issue.   You can, however, make sure you have done everything you can to make sure you “locked the door.”

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