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When we designed Publishr Cloud™, the goal was to provide a solution that would enable our customers to market, sell and compete effectively despite the all the dramatic changes in the book publishing industry.  To do this, we brought together four key functional capabilities,  the four “Cs”, in a cloud-based platform that supports the latest search, social and mobile standards and technologies.


Easily create an incredibly rich and technologically optimized product catalog. This includes configurable “smart lists’ for things like bestsellers,  dynamic grouping into collections and packages and support for subscription products.


An optimal, enjoyable shopping experience that enables you to create dynamic promotions and for customers to easily purchase books (on the device of their choice) direct from you or from one of your retail partners) is the key to growth and revenue.


Fresh, engaging content surrounding your products helps you rank higher and convert site visitors to customers. The platform has integrated tools for creating and curating content over the life cycle of your books.


Providing self-service tools to authors to share their latest updates and enabling readers to post reviews and easily follow and share the news about their favorite authors will dramatically amplify “word of mouth.”

Branded Store Templates or Custom Store Design

Do you need to replace your current site or deploy one for a new imprint right away?  Publishr Cloud™ was designed for rapid deployment using pre-built store templates that can be easily customized for your brand.

If you want to provide your customers with a more unique shopping experience, we also offer a custom store design service.  Not only can you make your site look exactly like you want, but you can define how you want people to be able to explore your site and extend it with custom capabilities.

Whether you chose to have us implement your site using our pre-built templates or with a full custom design, your new site will include all Publishr Cloud functionality.

All the Right Stuff

As a publisher, you need to provide optimized and engaging product profiles, so your books are well ranked and easily discovered by readers.  To do this well, there are a lot of “basics” like effective page titles, heading tags and alt image tags that are “table-stakes” to even play.  You need to be doing more sophisticated things like structured data and mobile optimization.  You have to optimize for sharing across all the social networks your customers use.  The challenge is there is a lot of “Right Stuff” that may be too hard or expensive to do with  your current site and, of course, the rules are constantly evolving.

Publishr. Cloud™ is designed to make these issues go away.   We have designed the platform so that as you populate your catalog with information about your books, every page on your site is  optimized for search and discovery (SEO) and for sharing and amplification (SMO).  We worry about keeping current with all the latest “stuff” so you can focus on publishing and marketing great books.

Fully Responsive, Mobile-ready

You know that your site needs to be accessible and readable on all devices. Google is now checking and downgrading you if you are not. We made Publishr Cloud™ fully responsive so that your store look great no matter what. We will keep you current so your site just works on the latest smartphone, tablet or wearable.

Simple Multi-channel Shopping Experience

Simple Multi-channel Shopping Experience

Publishr Cloud™ is designed so you can provide the purchasing options for customers that are right for your business.   You can sell direct, through retailers or both.   You can chose to do different things by book, by format, by release date or almost any other attribute of your products.  If you do refer sales to retailers, you can pass affiliate codes to get credit for the sale.

Integrated Content Management with Powerful Social Sharing

Publishr Cloud™ includes integrated, real-time content management tools so you can easily manage all the information and media related to your books and authors.  You also can create content about news, promotions and events and link them to your books and authors.  This engaging content will create a much larger “search envelope” around your books and, like your book and author content, it fully optimized for effective social sharing to drive word of mouth and increased store traffic.

Integrated Content Management with Powerful Social Sharing
Self-service Tools for Your Community

Self-service Tools for Your Community

One of the biggest assets any publisher has is their community, including the people who buy and read their books, the authors and other contributors who create them and the reviewers and other influencers who create a buzz about them. Every publisher and their staff faces the challenge of effectively supporting and engaging these folks.  Publishr Cloud™ was designed to make it very easy for every member of your community to connect and get done what they need to with simple, but powerful self-service tools.

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